Oral Communication

Communication, social skills and quality of life after mild traumatic brain injury: a comparison of subjects with or without complaints

Dr Odile KOZLOWSKI MOREAUa, Mrs Pauline BLINb, Mrs Marie GUILLEMOTb, Dr Walter DAVELUYa, Mrs Paula DEICASb

a CHRU LILLE, b Institut d'orthophonie de Lille

Objectives:(1) To examine communicative abilities, late after a mild traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) and their consequences on social adaptation and quality of life; (2) To compare patients with and without complaints.

Methods: The following tests were presented to 31 adults who suffered from a MTBI: Test for subtle language (TLE), Lille communication test (TLC), participation in communication (QLPC), daily life problem solving (TRPVQ), quality of life (QOLIBRI) and social adaptation using the EBIS document.

Results: TLE, TLC and TRPVQ’s scores were more often pathological than in the general population and especially for persons with complaints, anxiety and reductions in participation. For the 18 patients with complaints, pathological scores in TLE, QLPC and TRPVQ were correlated to participation in activity of daily life (especially elaborated ones), return to work difficulties and a bad feeling in social relations. For the 13 patients without complaint, language, communication and quality of life scores were worse when MTBI was recent, when return to work was difficult and when subjects had poor leisure participation.

Conclusions: Communication impairments can be seen after MTBI and must be evaluated and traited, particularly in people with complaints, in those presenting with a reduction in participation and who have difficulties in returning to work and participating in leisures

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Keywords : Traumatic brain injury, language, communication, participation, quality of life