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Contribution of the General Association of Motor Disabled ( AGIM) for cerebral palsied persons.

Prof Fatma Zohra BEN SALAHa, Prof Catherine DZIRIa, Prof Imen MIRIa, Mr Imed ABDELJAOUEDb

a Institut National d’Orthopédie M.Kassab, b AGIM

Introduction: the care of the children presenting aftereffects of cerebral palsy (PC) implies a network of evaluation and interdisciplinary care) with an essential role of associations. The objective of this work is to describe the role of one of the most former and important in Tunisia: the general Association of the physically handicapped persons in Tunisia, created in 1967, official visa of NGO in 1973, recognized association by national interest in 1977.

Material (equipment) and methods: data concerning 38 centers of the AGIM assuring the education and specialist training, distributed on the Tunisian territory (1 / governorate) by specifying the localization of the center, the staff who works in it , for the school year 2014 2015, the number of cerebral palsy registered people.

Results (Profits): 38 centers welcome 1500 motor disabled, whose 40 % of cerebral palsy (20 and 75 %) with extremes of 17 and 125 subscribers. Concerning the human resources: 93 teachers, 100 healthcare professionals.
The main center is near the national institute of orthopaedics M.Kassab with 120 subscribers, among which 75 % of PC; 4 physiotherapists, 2 speech therapists, 1 occupational therapist, 2 psychologists, 1 sports teacher and 11 teachers (among which 5 specialized).

Discussion: The aims of AGIM are:

- in rehabilitation of the physically handicapped persons and intellectual and adaptation of the programs of public education in their favor, by using adequate educational supports,

- in vocational training of different specialties in the workshops of the association,

- in employment of the disabled persons through individual projects or in manufacturing shops dependent on the association,

- in home assistance to the handicapped persons,

- in organization of cultural and sports activities,

- and in organisation of departments of specialized care distributed in the centers and supplied by multidisciplinary teams: physiotherapists, speech therapists, psychologists …

AGIM organizes besides annually scientific days of two days: the first day with rather medical aim, dealing with interdisciplinary specific aspects of cerebral palsy (with the foreign referents' regular). The 2nd day concerns the school and professional aspect, with UNICEF’s support.

Keywords : cerabral palsy, medico socio educative, inclusion, education