Oral Communication

The up-to-date treatments of Multiple Sclerosis in 2015.

Prof Pierre LABAUGEa

a Département de neurologie, CHU de Montpellier

The treatments of the multiple sclerosis have enormously evolved since 1995. They relied initially on the type Beta Interferons, injectable treatments. They decrease in 30 % the risk of acute exacerbation within 2 years and delay the evolution to the handicap. Since 2007, a new generation of treatment is used, based on the biotherapics. The oldest is Natalizumab, twice as effective as interferons but with more important risks, in particular that of Progressive Multifocal Leucoencephalopathy (PML). In a more recent way, are prescribed treatments by oral route: Fingolimod, Teriflunomid, Di Fumarate. New treatments are in the course of evaluation, the most recent are Altenzumab. The therapeutic strategy evolved for 20 years, with the permanent evaluation of the benefit/risk ratio. A hierarchical organization of treatments in several decision-making lines will be shown during the presentation.

Keywords : Multiple Sclerosis, Biotherapics