Oral Communication

Three years after, results of the children’s surgery with neonatal paralysis brachial plexus

Mr Jean François BODINa, Dr Aram GAZARIANa

a Clinique du Parc - Lyon

Between 2000 and 2014, 158 children with neonatal brachial plexus palsy were received with their parents in pediatric surgery consultation of the Hospices Civils de Lyon. 46 of them have not recovered enough motor skill before 6 months of life; they underwent a reconstructive surgery. A regular monitoring started to evaluate any motor’s recovery. A retrospective study presents postoperative results after 3 years. Evaluation is made on the basis of functional amplitudes of the affected limb, and the passive joint mobility. This study graduates the results with the "active motion scale" and Mallet score. Social participation is analyzed during an interview with the parents. The results are discussed with studies internationally in order to conclude on the important factors that have to be considered in rehabilitation.

Keywords : neonatal brachial plexus palsy, reconstructive surgery, evaluation, occupational therapy