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Open innovation methods in co-design: example project

Mrs Marie-Pierre JANALHIACa

a Autonom-lab

Aim: The projects developed in a living-lab are first collaborative and pluridisciplinary projects with different users in a real condition of life. In practice, Autonom’lab has developed a process of study that aimed to integrate codesign. Usually, the co-design can be used for the elaboration of products or services and also for products evolution.

Method: Autonom’lab used this process in thematic studies to improve the subject by new approaches and therefore added value.

For example, this methodology used in a study on adapted collective housing and follow 7 stages:

  • Define scope of intervention with partners
  • Exploration of the thematic with several limited group
  • Share experiences and knowledges
  • Detect new ideas by codesign
  • Analyse the production
  • Development: value, cost,…
  • Promotion

Results: usually, housing is considered using a technical approach. With the living-lab, this approach is radically different, highlighting values and uses expextedexpected by users. This led to think new services and products tailored according to the needs.

Keywords : Living-lab, co-design, user, adapted housing, value, multidisciplinary