The Chikungunya infection

Prof Fabrice SIMONa

a Service de Pathologie Infectieuse et Tropicale

The Chikungunya infection is due to an alphavirus having a particular tropism for the joints. Since its first description in Southern Africa in 1954, the disease was then neglected for a long time because of a low rate of lethality and its localization limited to distant African and Asian zones. However, because of the pandemic distribution of its vectors (Aedes species) and of the important increase of the international traffic, this arbovirosis is emerging all over the world since 2004. A fit recently arose in Indian Ocean, Americas, Oceania and even in some temperate zones (the North Italy, the South of France). Now, the doctors have to be capable of managing these patients affected by the Chikungunya infection in epidemic zones but also when the travelers are coming back.

Keywords : Chikungunya infection