Interventionnal ultrasonography in neuro orthopedics.

Dr Serdar KOCERa, Dr Joerg HAINTZa

a Hopital du Jura, Service de Réadaptation et Medecine Physique

Physiatrist performs more and more invasive procedures in Neuro Orthopaedic field like botulinum toxin injections, motor nerve blocks and phenol or alcohol injection for long lasting motor nerve blocks , and percutaneous tenotomy. These procedures need a good knowledge of anatomy and indications and also long training. Thanks to its excellent spatial resolution, Ultrasonography is the most suitable imaging technique to facilitate these procedures. More and more PMR doctors learn or wish to learn how to use ultrasonography for interventions.
The objectives of this workshop are:
- to discuss the interest of ultrasonographic guidance to in neuro orthopedic field,
- to show the technique and the materials, the prerequisites and the precautions to take.

The workshop will be illustrated with clinical cases and with training with injection to learn "in plane- out plane technique ".

Number of participants: 25

Language : French, English

Keywords : Neuro Orthopedics, Interventionnal Ultrasonongraphy,