Hybrid Event

"In a changing environment, there is no greater risk than standing still" - J.CHIRAC

That's why Atout Organisation Science has chosen the ALGA - Le Palais des congrès virtuel solution to digitalize and carry out the organization of its events in a virtual and hybrid way.

A digital platform such as ALGA allows the user to navigate the event in an intuitive way and with all the essential features to adapt to the size and needs of your events, but also to produce high quality programs.

AOS - the solution for your face-to-face & hybrid events

In these troubled times, the AOS agency has chosen the ALGA solution - the virtual convention center - to successfully organize hybrid events.

ALGA in numbers is :

  • 60 virtual and hybrid events organized
  • +5000 hours of live
  • 50,000 visitors
  • 500 exhibitors

Take advantage of a platform developed by experts
for your plenary sessions, congresses and assemblies
to live an experience as if you were there.


Take advantage of optimized and interactive conventions thanks to the ergonomics and
tools that facilitate interaction with the public while taking advantage of
a unique production quality.


The ALGA environment offers you the digital/virtual experience
the most optimized and closest to reality
within its 200 stands.


Organize your virtual event with
the quality of a TV show.

AOS - The future of the hybrid event

Virtual & Hybrid event organizer, thanks to ALGA - the virtual convention center that accompanies you in the creation of your events.
Since its creation last year, we have organized with ALGA more than 60 events
which gathered more than 50 000 visitors for a total of more than 500 hours of live.
From conception to completion, AOS has chosen ALGA - the virtual convention center offers you real expertise
technical and technological for the realization of your hybrid events: congress, seminar and much more...


To offer a unique and original experience to our users while guaranteeing exceptional quality and optimal security.
Organize your seminars, conferences, team building in 100% hybrid, which will allow you to double
the participation rate of your events and even reach people internationally!

Tomorrow's events will be hybrid.

In order to keep events alive in the long term and to adapt to the various situations we will be confronted with, it has become essential to create a real experience around the physical and virtual event. 

The solutions offered by ALGA - the virtual convention center - provide you with global support, including production, development and audiovisual quality. Discover the made in France solutions developed in-house to digitalize your hybrid events.

 Our AOS teams develop new technical solutions and innovate for ever more interactive and immersive events.

Optimal internet connection
Preparation of the speakers
Televised staging
Availability of the teams
Precise organization
The public's attention

Contact us on +33(0)4 96 15 12 50
Or by email at contact@alga.live

This secure platform, developed and hosted in France, is made for you to organize your virtual events in a few clicks.

Conceived by experts in organization, ALGA - the virtual convention center is the result of a deep reflection on the current circumstances.

This platform will allow you to maintain your events, from the congress to your internal meetings, through the seminar and the exhibition.

ALGA - the virtual convention center, has an ergonomic design that allows the user to navigate through the event in an intuitive, almost natural way, and with all the essential features to adapt to the size and needs of your events.

Thanks to our virtual TV set, we can stage your conferences, meetings and plenary sessions on a turnkey basis.

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