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Atout Santé, the programme that makes you an actor of your health

In 2015, AOS widened its field of competences by starting to produce TV shows about health : Atout Santé

The five strengths of the Atout Santé programme :

  • Programme produced by AOS : communication agency specialized in health
  • A 26-minute format for the general public: teachers, doctors and patients testify
  • Programs broadcast on 22 channels across France and Belgium
  • New format for healthcare professionals
  • Webmarketing tool
Following a report, a lack of communication with the general public on different pathologies, AOS wants to give experts more exposure by popularizing health topics.
Atout Santé, discover the latest episode

Atout Santé involves the viewers in the patient’s care journey through the explanations of a Key Opinion Leader and the patient’s own account.

  • Giving doctors a platform to allow the general public to find answers to their questions.
  • Highlighting some lesser known specialties, correcting myths and dealing with taboo subjects.
  • Professors, doctors, healthcare professionals and patients talk in a 26-minute format.
The common thread

The 26 minutes of the show are divided into two parts, each with a report followed by debates and chronicles to cover the entire diagnosis and treatment.

The subject is presented in a way that helps the public to understand by using pedagogical and didactical angles.

With its success, Atout Santé comes in several formats to meet the demands of the professions and the media.

“Words of a specialist” is in the format of 3 to 7 minutes. Healthcare professionals talk to other health professionals.

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    To date, Atout Santé means :

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    National broadcasting on the
    big local networks :
    Demain Tv (IDF),
    Azur Provence (South-East),
    Paese Tv (Corsica),
    La Chaîne Normande (North-West), etc.


    Alain GARGANI


    Laura CIOFFI

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    Atout Santé is also a web marketing tool
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