ERON, specialist in further education of healthcare professionals using e-learning.

It brings innovation to your training by using technology, high quality content, and high professionalism of authors and contributors.

The ERON selection of courses is constantly adapting to your needs and to the requirements of the field. The e-learning solution allows learners to undergo the training in complete autonomy.

ERON is accredited by the ANDPC (National Agency for Further Professional Development) and the FIFPL (Interprofessional Fund for the Training of Professions), and certified by DATADOCK, a real guarantee of quality.

Eron is an e-learning solution with daily goals.

  • Professional progress of healthcare professionals
  • Offering the best training on the market
  • Accompanying you throughout your training
  • Bringing and ensuring more quality and professionalism

We give high importance to the professional progress of healthcare professionals and are keen to offer the best training available on the market.

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