Editorial from the LOC

It is my pleasure in the name of the Local Organizing Committee to invite every professional interested in the present and future of acromegaly management to the 4th ENEA workshop that will be held in Marseille, France, December 10-12th, 2015.

This workshop will provide with a unique opportunity to share the latest findings on this challenging disease, from pathophysiology to therapeutic perspectives. Under the guidance of the international Program Organizing Committee* it will include discussion of important breakthroughs that will shed light for example on the causes of early onset forms of the disease, on current knowledge on the intracellular pathways that represent potential targets for treatment strategies, and on the most current diagnostic challenges.

Marseille, France previously hosted a meeting of the ENEA - in 1997. Since then, the oldest and second largest French city has been chosen -in 2013- as European capital for culture, and has gone through a number of transformations such as the newly built Museum of Mediterranean culture (MUCEM). The venue of the meeting, in the Palais du Pharo that proudly overviews the Vieux-Port (Old Harbour) and city center, will allow the participants enjoying an unforgettable Mediterranean experience. Recently renovated, surrounded by many hotels, it will be the ideal place to exchange ideas with colleagues interested in all aspects of Pituitary disorders.

By tradition the first French harbor has always been welcoming travelers from all over the world. We will be happy to welcome neuroendocrinologists from the 5 continents to this scientific event. We are looking forward to extending to each of you a warm

“Bienvenue à Marseille”

Thierry Brue

The videos of some lectures are available on the PROGRAMME page!

Some lectures have been recorded during the Workshop, thanks to the institutional support from SHIRE.
The videos are available on the “Programme” page, when you click on the video signs.

Recorded thanks to the institutional support from SHIRE