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Accreditation Number for Continuing Medical Training (FSM): N°11 75 48 263 75
Continuing Medical Training Physicians Accreditation Number: 100 380

Registration fees

September 17th, 2012
September 18th, 2012
Standard Registration: Physicians, Paramedicals in Continuing Medical Training
Full registration (3 days)430,00 €530,00 €
Single day registration (October 18 or 19)270,00 €340,00 €
Single day registration (October 20)150,00 €220,00 €
Senior Registration Assistants, DIU Rehabilitation Medicine, Paramedicals (except for Continuing Medical Training), Psychologists
Full registration (3 days)55,00 €185,00 €
Single day registration (October 18 or 19)40,00 €145,00 €
Single day registration (October 20)30,00 €35,00 €
Residents, DES, FFI, Students
Full registration (3 days)225,00 €325,00 €
Single day registration (October 18 or 19)165,00 €225,00 €
Single day registration (October 20)105,00 €145,00 €

Paying Options

Registration to Workshops (limited places)20,00 € / workshop
Registration to Seated Lunch
For Thursday and Friday lunches, a lunch box is included in the registration fee.
If you want to book a seated lunch in a dedicated place, instead of a lunch box, there is an extra cost: 10 € per day (limited places).
For Saturday lunch, a seated lunch will be served without extra fee (upon reservation, limited places).
10,00 € / day


SOFMER Members, National, European and International PRM Societies Members, as well as Section and Board of PRM Members, up to date on the payment of their membership fees, will beneficiate, on the basis of the fee which applies to them, a discount of:

  • 50,00 € for full registration
  • 30,00 € for a single day registration

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