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PMR care for stroke victims will be one of the major topics at Sofmer 2010.
Two sessions will be devoted to stroke care. Lectures will focus on various subjects ranging from factors predictive of post-stroke survival or functional outcome to evaluation of rehabilitation programs for stroke victims. Other themes such as evaluation methods and assessment scales for balance and gait analysis will also be presented.
Several posters will be devoted to stroke care.
The Stroke Care session will be a link with other sessions on spasticity, posture and gait, prehension, and other movements.

Thursday, October 14th, 2010
08:30 - 10:00    Room 1 - Level 1
Session bilingue

Stroke Care

Chairperson : Pr G. RODE
Moderators : Pr P. MARQUE, Pr A. YELNIK

08h30 - Factors predictive of survival and functional outcome after stroke: a systematic review
08h43 - Nutritional status late after stroke, course and explanatory factors
08h56 - Screening for post-stroke sleep respiratory disorders
09h09 - Use of the 6-min walk test for quantifying motor deficit in hemiplegic patients
09h22 - Proposed screening tool for right hemineglect in the acute neurovascular unit
09h35 - ABILOCO: a questionnaire for evaluating gait ability in the brain damaged adult

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