Mesotherapy is a simple treatment design to approximate the location of the therapeutic place of pathology for greater efficiency.
Superficial, locoregional, and micro-dosed technical using products allopathic without cortisone in localisation intradermal and subcutaneous, , who was born in France in 1952 by Dr Michel Pistor. It is currently taught in 5 universities (Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux, Clermont Ferrand and Dijon) through DIU.
The French Society of Mesotherapy is proud and honored to be present for the first time at a session of Congress National SOFMER and thanked those responsible for this Congress.
Mesotherapy to its place as a combination therapy in the management of many painful diseases of the locomotor functional, but it applies only after an accurate diagnosis (positive and gravity) allows you to target its indications and integrate into the routine management of these conditions while being competitive anti-inflammatory analgesic treatments orally and also infiltration. Unlike many ideas, mesotherapy is not a simply therapeutic locodolenti; and choice of products, the depth of injection, the frequency and number of sessions follow a specific clinical examination and obey to sound principles taught in university degrees.
The purpose of this session is to show the specifics of mesotherapy, complementarity with physical medicine and sports medicine and create an open mind with these specialties.
Scheduling of meetings:
An account of the interests of mesotherapy in sports traumatology, exposed divided into two parts, a fundamental followed by exposure of three clinical trials (Treatment of biceps tenosynovitis by mesotherapy About 61 cases, treatment pubic disease by mesotherapy. About 51 cases, acute back pain after cardiac surgery: treatment by mesotherapy treatment versus baseline.)
Three workshops: on mesotherapy treatment of pathologies at the shoulder, knee, and ankle
Workshop Description:
- overview of the clinical examination,
- the technique of mesotherapy
- Indications
- presentation and discussion of clinical cases
Audience: Internal and specialists in MPR and sports medicine
Level Workshop: Initiation

Saturday, October 16th, 2010
09:30 - 10:00    Room 6 - Level 0
Session bilingue

Mesotherapy in PRM

Chairperson : Pr M. PERRIGOT

09h30 - Mesotherapy in PRM

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