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Worldwide, 20 million people live with their polio sequelae and nearly 8 million have a post-polio syndrome. Poliomyelitis is still with us today. This session will be devoted to an update on polio in 2010. Recent developments in diagnosis and treatment (medications, ortheses, rehabilitation) regarding the post-polio syndrome will be discussed. Therapeutic modalities in specific geographic settings, e.g. Tunisia, Sweden, will be presented. A round table will follow this session examining developments in immunoglobulin therapy for the post-polio syndrome. Finally, a special workshop will be
devoted to ortheses for polio victims.
Several posters will be devoted to the topic.
The Poliomyelitis session will also be a link with the orthesis sessions.

Friday, October 15th, 2010
17:00 - 18:30    Room 1 - Level 1
Session bilingue


Chairperson : Pr A. YELNIK
Moderators : Pr F. BOYER, Dr L. BENSOUSSAN

17h00 - Post-polio syndrome – aspects on diagnosis and drug therapy
17h30 - Evaluation of post-polio patients: role of isokinetic muscle force of the lower limbs
17h42 - Management of patients with a post-polio syndrome
17h54 - Quantitative gait analysis of polio patients walking with orthotic devices
18h06 - Orthotic devices for polio patients: 30 years on
18h18 - Rehabilitation after polio: a review of the literature

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