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In our European environment, we need to discuss the notion of PRM competence and agree on detailed definitions.
Under the Presidency of Professor Alain Delarque, the PRM Section of the Union of European Medical Specialists (UEMS) has published on this theme.
Professor Christoph Gutenbrunner of Hannover University, Germany and Dr Vera Neumann, from UK are coordinating the publication of an eBook on the Fields of Competence of PRM. This eBook, which is evolving as new sections are added, will be presented in its current format during the 25th PRM Congress of SOFMER 2010 Marseille and will also be available on the UEMS PRM Section and Board website.
The session “Fields of Competence in PRM” will include 18 oral presentations by experts in different fields of PRM, with two workshops and one meeting.
PRM today is not the same as it was 20 years ago; it has extended to include other pathologies described in the ICD (e.g. cancer – which, with improved treatment, now often leaves long-term survivors with chronic health conditions). PRM has also responded to the changing international “language” to describe health conditions and their sequel – the International Classification of Function (ICF) which considers limitation of activities, participation and environmental factors, and the new International Classification for Health Interventions (ICHI) which describes health interventions such as diagnosis, education, therapy and evaluation.
We need to continue to work together to modernize PRM activities at a European level. This work is expected by our health ministry and by health organizations in all countries.
This work will be especially important for forthcoming students in this field and as continuing professional development (CPD) for practicing PRM clinicians. It will also be relevant for health- and other professionals interested in rehabilitation and reintegration into every day life.
The “Congress PRM Sofmer 2010 Marseille” will give all concerned (managers, directors, physicians, social workers and all others) an up to date European perspective.
They will also appreciate the session on Quality of Care in PRM, and the round table “Payment system and quality of Care in European PRM”
PRM trainees will also enjoy workshops with presentations on specific fields of activity in PRM: programme of the session, oral presentations, workshops, round tables, references, website.

Saturday, October 16th, 2010
08:30 - 10:00    Room 1 - Level 1
Session bilingue

Fields of competence in PRM

Moderators : Pr AM. DATIE, Dr F. LE MOINE, Dr J. SENGLER

08h30 - The field of competence in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine in the framework of International Health Classifications
08h48 - Aphasia and PRM field of competence
08h57 - PRM field of competence and elderly persons
09h06 - PRM field of competence and stroke
09h15 - Fields of competence: PRM and bladder-sphincter disorders
09h24 - PRM field of competence and vocational rehabilitation
09h33 - PRM field of competence and sports-related pathology
09h42 - PRM field of competence for burn victims
09h51 - Manual medicine-osteopathy in France: organization-training-field of competence

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