Research, Education, Quality of PRM programmes and the Fields of Competence of PRM will be the main topics addressed at the 25th Congress of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (PRM).

“PRM Sofmer Marseille 2010” will be a meeting place for PRM specialists not only from France but also from all over the world.

All physicians, health and social professionals, and representatives of structures dealing with PRM will be welcomed to attend this meeting and will have an opportunity to benefit from face to face interactions and information of all kinds.

The main National and International PRM bodies will take part in this congress.

Welcome to Marseille, with its 2 600 years of cultural heritage originating from countries all over the world. This city has welcomed more than 500 PRM trainees during the last decade.

Professor Alain Delarque &
Professor Jean-Michel Viton
The Presidents of Congress

Professor Alain Yelnik
The President of Sofmer


Presidents of Congress

  • Pr DELARQUE Alain
  • Pr VITON Jean-Michel

President of Sofmer

  • Pr YELNIK Alain

Honorary President

  • Pr BARDOT André

Organising Committee

  • Dr BENSOUSSAN Laurent
  • Dr COLLADO Hervé
  • Dr BARDOT Philippe
  • Dr BENEZET Pierre
  • Dr BIGORRA Ernest
  • Dr BOULAY Christophe
  • Dr COUDREUSE Jean-Marie
  • Dr DE KORVIN Georges
  • Dr DELARQUE Monique
  • Dr DOBBELS Erick
  • Dr HEURLEY Gilbert
  • Dr LE MOINE Francis
  • Dr MAS Philippe
  • Dr MILHE DE BOVIS Virginie
  • Mme MILLIAT Laurence
  • Dr OLIVARES Jean-Paul
  • Dr PLANCHE Denis
  • Dr RAMOS Jean-Vincent
  • Dr REQUIER Pierre
  • M ROGER Hugues
  • Pr SCHIANO Alain
  • Dr TIMSIT Michèle


Joint Organising Committee

  • Pr DELARQUE Alain, Congress President
  • Dr GENTY Marc, SOFMER Treasurer
  • Pr VITON Jean-Michel, Congress President
  • Pr YELNIK Alain, SOFMER President

Presidents of PRM Sofmer Nantes 2011 Congress

  • Pr MATHE Jean-François
  • Pr PERROUIN VERBE Brigitte


  • Pr AMARENCO Gérard
  • Dr BARROIS Brigitte
  • Dr CALMELS Paul
  • Pr DELARQUE Alain
  • Dr ENJALBERT Michel
  • Dr GENTY Marc
  • Pr JOSEPH Pierre-Alain
  • Dr LE MOINE Francis
  • Pr PELISSIER Jacques
  • Dr RIBINIK Patricia
  • Dr SENGLER Jean
  • Pr THEVENON André
  • Pr THOUMIE Philippe
  • Pr YELNIK Alain

Scientific Committee

  • Dr ALBERT Thierry
  • Pr AMARENCO Gérard, President
  • Dr CALMELS Paul
  • Pr DE BOISSEZON Xavier
  • Pr DELARQUE Alain
  • Pr DENYS Pierre
  • Pr JOSEPH Pierre-Alain
  • Dr KERDRAON Jacques
  • Dr LE MOINE Francis
  • Pr PELISSIER Jacques
  • Pr REMY NERIS Olivier
  • Dr RIBINIK Patricia
  • Dr RODE Gilles
  • Pr THEVENON André
  • Pr YELNIK Alain
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